Door Dings
Hail Damage

Bumper and Small Paint Repair

Prices can start at $50 and go up from there.

Larger dents require more time and repair depending on the location of the dent.  Consideration must be given for removal of any interior pieces to gain access to the dent. Therefore, the price is charged accordingly.  Our technician would need to see the vehicle to give an accurate estimate, as all dents are different. Paint repairs start at $125 for deep scratches. Charges for additional work will be determined.

If you are looking to get damage repaired as a result of hail:

Bob's Dent Service, LLC can work with your insurance company. All deductibles will be paid on the day of service.

Bob's Dent Service, LLC is insurance company preferred

There is no charge if we can't repair your vehicle.  Bob's Dent Service, LLC
can also help recommend someone to you if your vehicle needs traditional repairs.

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